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Unified Access Control Platform for Security and Beyond 

The first dedicated AI & IoT access control management platform for Axis Communications   Network Door Controllers and Network Cameras.

Situational Intelligence

We provide a cloud-based suite application services, Industrial IoT protocols and tight integration with  Axis Communication's VAPIX access control API and computer vision library.

We pair these key functions with unique features such as Slack communication integration, AI scheduling for human and building resource management and Cyber-threat intelligence monitors and reporting.


 Flexible Access Control Management for Any Organization

Most access control management solutions include many too many complex features while producing systems that while functional, are somewhat brittle and hard to expand for the current and future  needs and demands of the end user and systems integrator.

By leveraging our Software-as-a-Service subscription model, your organization can use the features it needs when it is needed. Sagrada is designed to expand and enhance the powerful features provided by Axis Communication's door controller and camera edge devices. As your organization's security and resource management needs evolve, Sagrada can keep up!


 Tenant Services apps and APIs for Smart Building Amenities 

Tenants and building operators interact on a regular basis regarding lease agreements, building operations, and tenant specific requests. Tenants returning to the office post pandemic is driving the desire for real time communications from building operators about health and safety mitigation activities.

Sagrada digitizes the collection and distribution of data to enhance and expand the capabilities of Axis door controllers and cameras. In addition, Sagrada provides API integration for systems integrators looking for new service growth opportunities.


Ai-tronics + Axis

Ai-tronics Systems has partnered with Axis Communications to offer end-to-end situational intelligence based access control management solutions for event detection and reporting, constraint schedule management, and smart buildings applications.


Robust and Flexible Access Control Core

Sagrada supports all of the access control and door control VAPIX functions as well as event logs, dashboards,  capacity management and remote schedule lock, unlock and lockdown modes. Pick and choose the functions that meets your needs.


Building Management System Integration

Once you have setup your Axis door controller or camera, your Axis device(s) become a sophisticated building management IoT device. Share data with other Axis device, building management systems and cloud databases and dashboards.


Threat Intelligence and AI Business Operations Tools

With Sagrada's AI resource optimization and threat intelligence integrations, systems integrators and end users are more empowered that the security of their business resources, tenants and employees are solidified and increases ROI